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Black Sea Area
Book Review

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Received: July 12, 2001
The Legend of St. George Saving A Youth from Captivity and Its Depiction in Art
Piotr Grotowski, Cracow

"The process of disseminating the iconography of the miracle with the youth reached its apogee at the end of the fifteenth century, probably under the influence of the first Slavic translations of the legend. Simultaneously the type of images, which combined the two legends, started to occur in larger numbers than the ‘autonomous’ type."
•  in english  27/04/2002

Received: May 02, 2001
Localization of A Constantinople Monastery Paradeision (by Sigillography Materials and "Book of Pilgrim" Antony of Novgorod)
Victoria Bulgakova, Berlin
"The exact site of a monastery and temple Holy Virgin in Paradeision is located can not from the information of write sources. The records in synaksarion specify only an arrangement of the Holy Virgin Church near to St. Mokios Church [Syn. CP, 144, 1.7-8; 205, 1.28-30], taking place to the west of the same tank, behind a wall Constantine. However, the site of a monastery can be established by comparison of these data to the data of sigillography finds."
•  in german 27/04/2002

Received: March 12, 2001
Balkan Elements in Orthodox Church Painting of the Post-Byzantine Period in Central Europe
Waldemar Deluga, Warsaw

"Orthodox church painting in countries of Central Europe, in a region lying at the intersection of Latin and Byzantine cultures, is exceptionally diversified culturally and ist highly interesting for comparative studies. Although scholarly studies were undertaken in the last century, when cataloguing of the existing remains began in the Galician region, the need for further research remains. Among the greatest obstacles, I would mention the curiously impassable barriers of state borders as well as attempts to appropriate the national character of this art. The "Byzance apres Byzance" period establishes new scholarly perspectives."
•  in english 09/05/2001

Received: March 12, 2001
"New Constantinople": Byzantine Traditions in Muscovite Rus' in the 16th Century
Aleksandra Sulikowska, Warsaw

"The subject of this paper is the problem of relations between Rus' and the Balkans in the 16th century which is still the one of the least discussed questions of Orthodox art. Scholars usually assumed that canonical models of icon painting reached Rus' from Serbia and Bulgaria from the 11th century. But if there is not much doubt that Balkans were "the christian world" for Rus', the scarceness of sources illustrating the manner of their effects on the visual culture of the eastern Slavs is much more striking."
•  in english 09/05/2001

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