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Исследовательские центры

A Guide to Dendrochronology for Educators
Cornell researchers precisely date wood from ancient tomb in Turkey
Findings challenge many assumptions about Greek and Egyptian


Dendrochronology: The Science of Tree Ring Dating
Harold C. Fritts: Dendrochronology Pages

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
Radiocarbon Calibration
Tree Rings: A Study of Climate Change
The World Wide Web Virtual Library of Forestry

Исследовательские центры и группы

Istituto Italiano di Dendrocronologia
The ITRDB Dendrochronology Bibliographic Database
The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona

The Laboratory of Wood Anatomy and Dendrochronology, Lund
Egyptian University, Sweden

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Tree-Ring Laboratory

The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near
Eastern Dendrochronology

The University of Victoria Tree-Ring Laboratory