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Подводная археология
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Дискуссионные группы

Archeologia Subacquea e Speleologia Subacquea - ASSONET
L'Archéologie sous les mers
The Athenian Trireme Olympias
Coastal Maritime Archaeology Resources (CMAR)
Combined Caesarea Excavations
Dhows of Oman -  Western Australia Maritime Museum
East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, Maritime
History and Nautical Archaeology

Florida State University, Underwater Archaeology Projects
Grupo Arqueologia Subaquática, Portugal
Guide to Graduate Programs in Historical and Underwater

A guide to Maritime History on the Internet
INA - Institute of Nautical Archaeology - Texas A&M
Interactive Marine Observations

The Maritime History Virtual Archives
The Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum
The Mediterranean Oceanic Database

Minnesota's Historic Shipwrecks
The Submerged Cultural Resources Unit
NOAA, Archaeology and Maritime History
Northern Maritime Research (NMR)
Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project

Texas A&M, Program in Nautical Archaeology
UK Diving, The Divers Resource
Underwater Shipwreck State Parks and Historic Sites
Degree Program in Maritime Archaeology and History, Department
of Classics and Archaeology, University of Bristol

Surface Interval Diving Company

Three Facets of Maritime Archaeology: Society, Landscape and

The World of the Vikings

Worldwide Sources of Shipwreck Information

Дискуссионные группы

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