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Rocks of Adalary - Ancient Shipwreck Site

Sergey Zelenko,
Kiev University

In 1995-96 Kiev Taras Shevchenko University underwater archaeological expedition made a research of shelf site in Gurzuf basin between the mountain Ayu-Dag and the rock Dzhnevez-Kaya.

The whole area of Gurzuf basin was densely populated in ancient times. Archaeological researches and excavations started in the XIX century enabled to expand our knowledge about the life of this region. Several antique and medieval settlements, monasteries and fortifications were discovered:

  • Under the Ayu-Dag mountain there were two settlements. The date of their foundation goes back to archaeological materials of IV c. B.C. In the XIX century they were eliminated under landslide caused by one the biggest Crimean earthquakes which is described in written materials.
  • Above along the plateau of the Main chine of the Crimean mountains there was an ancient way discovered by the archaeologists in 1981. There is also, located on the Gurzufskoye Syedlo pass, a unique archaeological monument - Tavr sanctuary. The Greeks used the names of this aboriginal people to name the Crimean peninsula - Tavrika.

  • In the VI c. in Gurzuvity (contemporary Gurzuf) on the coastal rock Dzhenevyez-Kaya the fortress that later became one of the main Byzantine outposts was built. Archaeological excavations on the fortress territory conducted in 1956-1966 enabled to get new information on life of the population of this region of Tavrika.

  • In the VI-X century above Gurzuvit on the Gelin-Kaya rock there was isar(fortress) which was a part of the defense complex of the medieval Tavrika population. This fact can be proved by the latest archaeological researches in this region.

Between the mountain of Ayu-Dag and Gurzuvity there were also two medieval settlements dated back to VIII-IX centuries discovered during the archaeological excavations. One is located on the territory of the international children center "Artek" and the other on the hill of the former estate "Suuksu"

The number of archaeological monuments around Ayu-Dag testifies the great importance of the region in the Tavrika history and requires complex approach to its history studies that implies obligatory underwater research.

During underwater research in this region a great accumulation of archaeological materials were found only around the rocks of Adalar. On the bottom anchors and numerous ceramics debris, mainly medieval and antique were found. The character of founds and their discovery place testifies a large number of shipwrecks. As yet, it is hard to determine the exact number of shipwrecks at this particular place. On preliminary judgment there were about 5-6 ships.