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Central Asia Resources

History & Coins
Iranian Sites
Eurasian nomads
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Central Eurasia Project Resource Page
on Central Asian countries, history and culture

ICARP - Interactive Central Asia Resource Project
on Central Asian countries, history and culture

The Silkroad Foundation
includes articles on various topics of Central Asian culture, archaeology, and languages; special sections on Dunhuang and Xinjiang

Waugh's Central Asia
by Daniel Waugh; a lot of information on Central Asian cultures and history

Oxus Communications
by Mark Dickens; with informations and links on Central Asian lands and history, Timurid architecture and a page on the Nestorians

History & Coins

The Coins and History of Asia
by T. K. Mallon-McCorgray: "...scans of over 1100 coins, these pages are to be a resource for students of Near Eastern, Persian, Indian, Central Asian and Chinese history from 600 BC to 1600 AD" - very useful!

Early Medieval History and Coins of Central Asia
selected English translations from the Russian book "Srednjaja Azija v rannem srednevekov'e (Archeologija)" (ed. G. Brykina, M., 1999); full bibliography from the book

Nupam's webpage for the Indian coins
by Nupam Mahajan - including coinage of the Kushans

Chinese Coinage Website
with several well illustated pages on Sogdian coin types by V. Belyaev, T.D. Yih and J. de Kreek

Early Islamic coins
by James N. Roberts; includes the issues of Central Asian dynasties

Alexander the Great

a list of sites on Alexander the Great, conqueror of Bactria and Sogdia

The Parthians
comprehensive site for all aspects of the Parthian Empire

The Kushanas

A general history of the Kushan Empire
by Robert Bracey

Bactrian documents discovered from the Northern Hindu-Kush
by Nicholas Sims-Williams; with information about the Kushan genealogy based on the Rabatak inscription


The Miho Museum, Japan
stunning masterpieces of ancient art, including works from Central Asia and Sasanian Iran; useful documentation

Musé National des Arts Asiatiques - Guimet
a major museum site with section on Central Asia

The State Hermitage Museum
Gosudarstvennyj Ermitazh; a major museum site with section on Central Asia

Museum Under Siege
by Nancy Hatch Dupree; an online feature of the journal "Archaeology"; the devastation of the Kabul Museum and its rich collections


Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
the Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies

Buddhist Studies and the Arts
great list of links

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library Art Resources
great list of links


The International Dunhuang Project (IDP)
including the IDP Web Database


The Avesta Webserver
Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives

Iranian sites

Persepolis and Ancient Iran
images from the Oriental Institute photographic archives; great mass of visual materials


CIAA Website
Circle of Inner Asian Art - SOAS, London

Felsbilder und Inschriften am Karakorum Highway
Rock Carvings and Inscriptions along the Karakorum Highway; a site of the Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften

Felsbilder und Inschriften in Nordpakistan
Die Dokumentation zur Dokumentation 1980-1988; a site by V. Thewalt: more on rock art and inscriptions of the Karakorum

The John C. and Susan L. Huntington Archive of Buddhist and Related Art
South and East Asian arts; stolen artifacts from Afghanistan

Mosques of Iran and Central Asia (8-11 Century)
Islamic architecture of Central Asia

Religious Architecture of the Timurids
Islamic architecture of Central Asia

Eurasian Nomads

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Russian Academy/Siberian Branch
major academic institution for archaeological research on the early Eurasian nomads, at Novosibirsk, Russia

a site dedicated to the Russian scholar Lev N. Gumilev; includes excerpts from his works on the Ancient Turks and the Huns

Center for the Study of Eurasian Nomads (CSEN)
archaeology of the Eurasian steppes

update: 2000-08-17
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